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Teleth​erapy Now Available!​

Sherry Minniti D'Elia, LCSW

Need Guidance?

Visit my "Dear Sherry" Opinion & Advice Column

I offer opinions and advice to readers who have questions about things they are struggling with in life.

If there is a problem you are having, and you would like to hear my thoughts, I would love to hear from you! Simply fill out the form on the "Write to Sherry" page on this website.

You can also read my opinion and advice to questions that others have sent in, on the "Read Sherry's Responses" page. We all have many of the same struggles and you may find some help you have been seeking there.

Learn more here!

Join Sherry's Live, Online 6-Week Workshop

to Dig Deep and Discover Your Joy 


Learn how to navigate your life and live in joy!

In this 6 week psychoeducational, experiential, and interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn to identify how you took in your environment as a child and how that influences how you think, feel, and act with everyone and everything in your current environment.
  • Learn how we all disconnect from ourselves at some level in an attempt to cope with painful experiences we cannot process at that time.
  • Come to understand that every current struggle provides an opportunity to reconnect with your essence and to heal and live more in joy.
  • Learn how to thread what is happening in the present back to your past to develop an understanding of yourself.
  • Gain many other tools to help you emotionally and energetically work through the old wounds from your past and heal.

Learn more here!