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Our Team

Sherry Minniti D’Elia is the Founder and Owner of Holistic Psychotherapy. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner. She believes that people have a natural tendency to heal. For over 25 years, Sherry has helped clients heal at the root of their problems so they can live free from their difficulties. Her philosophy focuses on how our sense of self is formed in our early attachments.  Sherry believes that the most valuable lesson one can learn is how one's childhood experiences and their perceptions of those experiences influence how one relates to everyone and everything throughout life.

She provides clients with many tools to help navigate their struggles and to process painful emotions that get trapped in their bodies. Sherry specializes in grief and loss, relationship struggles, abuse and trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, and other addictions, behavioral problems, self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Her holistic philosophy helps to align the body, mind, and spirit to facilitate lasting change and promote a sense of joy, peace, prosperity, and good health.

Sherry holds a Master's Degree in Social Work from Fordham University. Sherry also has an Integrative Certificate in The Trauma Resource Model, Levels 1 and 2.

Sherry's Introduction and Welcome

Sherry's Interview on The Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection Show

Penny Wilson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Connecticut and New York. With her training and approaches most rooted in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, Penny also believes in utilizing many diverse modalities to help better tailor and structure change for her clients.  For over 20 years, Penny has worked collaboratively with clients to bring about lasting change. 

By providing a non-judgmental and supportive environment to explore past and present experiences, Penny believes that clients can achieve not just symptom relief, but also a broader understanding of themselves and others. 

Through addressing issues of self-esteem and problems related to body image and health, Penny has helped clients change their current narrative and realize other ways of approaching and resolving their concerns.

Penny specializes in middle and high school students, as well as adults across the age spectrum, focusing on issues related to anxiety disorders, depression, past and current trauma, grief and loss, body image and self-esteem, and sports-related performance and motivation.

Penny holds a Master's Degree in Education in Adolescent Risk and Prevention from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She received her Master's Degree in Social Work from Simmons College.