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Learn how to navigate your life and live in joy!

This is such an amazing time for healing and self-reflection. My live workshop, “Discover Your Roadmap to Healing; Learn how to navigate your life and live in joy” will be starting soon. 

I hope you can join us and thank you for spreading the word!

The next workshop will begin on Wednesday, October 6th, and run for 6 consecutive weeks, ending November 10th. The workshops begin at 5:00pm EST, last for about 60-75 minutes, and are recorded for future viewing if you are unable to attend the live workshop. 

In this 6 week psychoeducational, experiential, and interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn to identify how you took in your environment as a child and how that influences how you think, feel, and act with everyone and everything in your current environment.
  • Learn how we all disconnect from ourselves at some level in an attempt to cope with painful experiences we cannot process at that time.
  • Come to understand that every current struggle provides an opportunity to reconnect with your essence and to heal and live more in joy.
  • Learn how to thread what is happening in the present back to your past to develop an understanding of yourself.
  • Gain many other tools to help you emotionally and energetically work through the old wounds from your past and heal.

A recording of each workshop session will be available for future viewing if you are unable to attend the live session.  


"The 6-week workshop is an absolute gift to yourself. If you are wanting to deep dive into your life and find the areas that need some resetting or soul restoration, this course will provide you with a massive toolbox of resources that will help you get the job done. Each week you will dig a little deeper, gently guided and supported by Sherry utilizing the many tools. You'll be surprised and delighted at what you can achieve with just a slight shift in perspective. The only thing you need to supply is the willingness to grow. Highly recommended for anyone seeking clarity in their lives. Thank you Sherry for an unforgettable experience and all those great tools that will be used again and again."

- Janice Melmed - author & energy intuitive

South Africa

"I loved this workshop and the way Sherry brought the group together. It was a very safe space to explore our emotions and triggers, why they happen, and how to deal with them. Sherry gave us great insight into how to start or continue our healing process. Thank you so much Sherry for explaining these concepts in a way that is easy to comprehend. I would highly recommend signing up for her next workshop if you get the chance. You won't be disappointed.--"

- Lisa

"I just finished an online "Discover Your Roadmap to Healing" workshop with Sherry. Each week, Sherry created a space of safety and compassion for everyone in the group. She provided a myriad of wonderful tools, resources, exercises, meditations, handouts, audio recordings - all designed to facilitate healing and growth. We were all truly grateful! May Sherry's work reach far and wide!"

- Dale

"I am a holistic healthcare practitioner who found out about Sherry’s work through a mutual patient. Over the years, I’ve sent numerous clients to her and have seen first-hand how much they benefit from her unique and comprehensive approach to therapy.

I recently had the pleasure of joining Sherry’s workshop “Roadmap to Healing” and it was such a heart opening experience. Learning from Sherry has allowed me to shine more compassion towards myself, my loved ones and my patients- what an absolute gift!

I know that choosing the right therapist to work with can seem like a daunting task. Sherry and her team are the best of the best and will help you explore healing on a deeper level. Her guidance provides a truly holistic, effective, and deeply authentic passage to discovering the self. I am so grateful for your guidance Sherry, thank you for being a light in the world!" Sylvia Cimoch, ND LAc

"During this workshop, I learned more about myself in a safe and supportive environment. Through guided sessions starting with grounding techniques, I identified heightened emotions and explored where those deep feelings came from. Then, I practiced strategies to embrace and process those emotions. Ultimately, this workshop provided me with “a roadmap” to lead a more honest, happy, and peaceful life." -S.L.M., Fairfield, CT

"I am typically uncomfortable in group workshops, and if attending one will rarely share. But Sherry provided such a safe and warm environment that I felt much more comfortable sharing, and actually did share. Sherry's warm, engaging, and kind personality set a wonderful setting, and I felt her counseling skills were exceptional. The tools she presented for healing were extremely helpful too. -I definitely feel her workshop would be beneficial for everyone." - Carrie, Mountain View, CA

"Sherry's workshop Discover Your Roadmap to Healing was educational and eye-opening. It helped me realize there are other people experiencing similar hardships and provided me with tools to help me find joy in stressful situations. Sherry is amazing to work with and I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone."

- Rachael Meyers, Norwalk, CT

 "Sherry is a very empathetic and knowledgeable teacher who drew on her own personal experiences to help us relate and understand the tools that she was teaching us. I learned not only many ways to help and understand myself but my clients as well. I highly recommend this workshop!"

- Kristen O'Brien, LCSW, Easton, CT

"I really enjoyed this workshop. It gave me many different tools and insights to help navigate through day to day challenges. Sherry is very compassionate and understanding and makes it easy to share your thoughts and feelings. I would highly recommend this workshop. We could all use the extra guidance."

- Stacy Sheiman, Fairfield, CT

DISCOVER YOUR ROADMAP TO HEALING;  Learn how to navigate your life and live in joy! 

October 6  - November  10, 2021

Wednesdays 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M. EST

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If you would like to register and are experiencing financial hardship, please contact me.  


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Workshop Current Clients, Friends & Family - Couples/Parents